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About Us

Gourmet Basket offers an exquisite range of gourmet food, wine, pamper and baby gifts for business, events and consumers. We source the finest, award winning gourmet produce as well as major brand names in compiling our gorgeous gift hampers. In this way we seek to differentiate ourselves from the myraid of hamper companies that offer gifts with inferior products, unknown or never heard of brands and items you simply find at your local supermarket. We seek to position ourselves as servicing the mid to top end market, but don't be fooled, we also offer very competitive prices at a variety of price points.

The majority of our business comes from small, medium and large corporate clients who trust the quality and presentation of our gift hampers and can be assured that their clients and staff are left in no doubt about how much they value them. We understand that a gift demonstrates how much you appreciate a client's business or staff's contribution, and how it directly impacts on your companies image and continued success.

Our Experience

Gourmet Basket has been in operation since 1998 and since our inception has literally delivered thousands and thousands of gifts from mum and dad to CEOs. Gourmet Basket has a history of dealing with large corporate clients, and has the experience to deliver hundreds of hampers for a company in a single transaction. We have many regular business clients ordering a range of gifts throughout the year. These include Real Estate agencies, PR companies and Business Services and affiliates around the world.

Jale Mills recently acquired the business with a view to expand, modernise and extend the range and quality of gifts on offer. Jalé has 10 years experience in corporate Human Resources roles and extensive experience in the Hospitality Industry. It was this experience with recognising and rewarding staff and clients through gifting, plus her passion for fine food, wine and design that has led her to having her own gift basket company.